When was the last time you heard a personal story that had a big impact on you? Was it a story that someone told in a powerful and moving way that substantially changed the way you feel and think about a subject? Did that person share something about themselves, an event from their life, or a transformational experience that stirred something deep in you?

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Stories are about people. The most powerful stories move — they take you on a journey and open the gateway towards greater trust, connection, understanding and love. For so long, people have been looking for that…

Everyone gets stuck sometimes. Sometimes you feel stuck in a job, perhaps stuck in a relationship or even stuck in a particular place. Stuckness isn’t unique to one person, yet many of our responses to that stuckness determine our fate.

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Consider the story of Hercules and the Wagoner. One day the Wagoner was travelling along a country lane. His horses fell into a rut and after a while struggling, they came to a complete standstill and suddenly he found himself stuck. They were stuck in deep mud. The more he whipped his horses the more he got stuck. So immediately…

Do you see the world as it actually is? It is more likely that the picture of your life is coloured by the lens through which you view events. For many years we have heard about the narrative we hold in our minds about life, about the meaning of life, about people and about ourselves. A rich tapestry of events take place at any given moment, yet we only see a certain slice, and from a unique perspective. Often our past experiences colour the lens through which we interpret our experience. Does it make it a fact?

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Let’s look at…

Two young Zenaida chicks

When I discovered two chicks nesting atop a cupboard in my patio, my parental muscles started flexing beneath my shirt. Not that those birds needed another parent, since their mother was doing a fine job already. But I still checked on them every day like a security guard on routine patrol. They were growing fast. I called them Bill and Ted.

At first, Mother Bird was there all the time, alert, yet unmoving. I’ve often seen live birds flapping around — and messing on — statues of men, but Mother was more like a statue of a bird, fixed upon…

Stories are about people and events. In your life, you are the hero of your story. Your story can be a source of inspiration for others and impact the world in a unique way. Telling your story from a position of strength is important and to do so demands that you take ownership of it.

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People tell stories all the time because we view the events of our lives through the lens of a story. Becoming aware of that story can be fun and exciting when you go to the depths of your life’s experiences. Sometimes it can be challenging…

People always tell stories. These stories can be either of their personal experiences gained through life or stories that they are recounting of someone else’s experience. Stories can be of historical events, they can be fictitious, or they can be a depiction of how the storyteller perceives the meaning of the experience they are recounting.

Storytelling cannot be limited to a handful of labels as the variations are plentiful. Undoubtedly, even if someone tells the same story as another person, it will still be unique simply because the storyteller is unique.

We Tell Ourselves Stories

Indeed, we hear diverse ranges of stories, and we…

“I was raped. And then I discovered I was pregnant as a result of it.”

Lyyti stunned her audience into silence as her words lingered in the room. She then continued with the opening of her speech, “I thought, I am going to die of Aids and now I have this thing inside of me that I do not want!” Lyyti had one question on her mind; is motherhood a blessing or a curse?

She was tall and softly spoken. Her afro hair was plaited into neat cornrows and her thick brown socks were protruding, perfectly-folded, above her ankle-high Converse…

Calvin Niles

Coach. The Mindful Storyteller. www.calvinniles.com

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